NITICS will produce an advanced and modular platform that will deliver fine-grained set of networked domotic and interaction services and position and movement information (of both people and objects), generated by state-of-the art, and even pioneering, positioning algorithms, based on several sources of location information. The platform will also allow integration with standardized Hospital Information Systems and Emergency Services as coupling points in Smart Community/City strategies. The capability of remote configuration, sensing and user interaction offered by the NITICS platform will improve existing services and enable novel ones, directly improving the quality of life of elderly and people with disabilities. The system will be developed starting from existing technologies (whenever possible), prioritizing open systems interconnectivity and open source philosophy in general. As such, NITICS will result in an extendible and scalable solution; respecting the business models and interests of the technology partners, part of the project will be made available to new companies willing to develop additional applications based on the NITICS building blocks or adding new ones to the framework.
The NITICS platform can be installed in the home of elderly by installation companies, and can be used by various service providers to offer care services. The project will develop such end-user services and test them in a field trial with the end-users, in order to test the whole platform. In order to achieve this vision, NITICS takes a holistic approach, and will not only develop the platform, but will also provide generic service elements that can be reused in several end-user services and applications.